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Khái Quát cảm biến Sợi Quang - Cảm biến sợi quang bao gồm 1 bộ khuếch đại và 1 sợi quang. - Sợi quang được chọn tùy theo ứng dụng khác nhau, có 2 dạng sợi quang: loại thu phát và loại khuếch tán.

Khi nào thì sử dụng cảm Biến Sợi Quang


- Không gian chật hẹp

The small size and flexibility of fibers allows precise positioning where space is limiited.

- Khu Vực nhiệt độ cao

Fiber optic assemblies can tolerate elevated temperatures in some cases as high as 300°F.

- Nơi có nhiều rung động và nhiều va đập

The low mass of fibers enables them to withstand extreme vivration and mechanical shock.


- Nơi có nhiều nhiễu điện

FIbers are non-electronic mechanical components, and are completely immune to electrical noise.

- Môi Trường ẩm ướt và ăn mòn cao

Special purpose fibers withstand corrosive materials, moisture and even repeated washdown.

- Hình dạng đầu cẩm biến được thiết kế trước

Fiber optic sensing heads can be custom-designed and ootimally "shaped" to the physical and optical requirements of a specific application.


The amplifier contains the electronics, transmitting / receiving LED's and is the mechanical interface for the fiber.
The D2RF series amplifiers are sealed and have an IP67 rating.
They can easily be DIN-rail mounted directl on the machine or in a centralized control enclosure.




Fiber optic cables are non-electronic, light-transmitting,optical quality glass or plastic strands with cladding.
The fibers serve as a light guide,they are used to transmit the light from and return the light to the amplifier.
Glass fibers are arranged in bundles,while plastic fibers are typically packaged as monofilaments with a protective jacket of polyethylene,PVC,stainless steel braid or other material.
FIber cable sensing tips can have a wide variety of shapes and configurations.



Plastic fibers are best for general purpose use,and where severe flexing like R=2 is required; they can be cut-to-length in the field,and areless expensive than glass fibers.

Đặc tính

  • ・Inexpensive and easily cut to length during installation.
  • ・Bend very easily to fit precisely where you want them.
  • ・Special high-flex models withstand flexing.
  • ・Special jackets withstand corrosion,impact and abrasion.
  • ・Quickly custom-designed and built for your unique applications.



Glass fibers are the best choice for challenging environments such as high temperatures, corrosive materials and moisture.


Đặc tính

  • ・Solve numerous challenging sensing requirements.
  • ・For hostile environments such as hiigh temperatures up to 300°C(572°F),corrosive materials,and extreme moisture.
  • ・Withstand high levels of shock and vibration.
  • ・Inherently immune to extreme electrical noise.
  • ・Sheathing is typically stainless steel flexible conduit but can be PVC or other flexible tubing.
  • ・Quickly custom-designed and built for your unique applications.

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